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Visit Van Atta’s nursery department for a diverse selection of Michigan-hardy trees and shrubs. Stroll through clearly marked areas showcasing flowering, fruiting and shade trees, and a vast array of shrubs to enhance any location.

Van Atta’s has a variety of soil and amendments to give your trees and shrubs a healthy start, and we also provide all the necessary finishing touches to your outdoor beds, with a wide assortment of mulches and stone. Take your lilacsmall.jpgpurchases home with you, or schedule delivery and planting for a stress-free installation.

While you’re here, learn how to turn certain hydrangeas blue, or when it’s appropriate to prune your apple trees; and shop from plants that have been hand-picked for performance in our region. Van Atta’s knowledgeable staff can guide you to the best plant for your specific area, and educate you in how to properly care for and maintain the new addition to your landscape, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

2019 Nursery Prices

Mulch Bagged by VanAtta's  - 2.2 cubic foot bags

Hardwood Chips $4.25 per bag or $3.99 if 3 or more are purchased
Hardwood Shredded Bark $5.25 per bag or $4.99 if 3 or more are purchased
Red Colorized Shredded Bark $5.75 each or $5.49 if 3 or more are purchased
Cedar Shredded Bark $5.99 each or $5.75 if 3 or more are purchased

Bulk Mulch and Soil - per cubic yard

Hardwood Chips: $24.00
Hardwood Shredded Bark: $30.00
Red Colorized Shredded Bark: $35.00
Cedar Shredded Bark: $38.00
Top Soil: $25.00

Pre-bagged Mulch and Soil

Peat Moss: 2.2 cu. ft. $12.99
                   3.8 cu. ft. $15.99
Baccto Pro Planting Mix:  2 cu. ft. $12.99
Baccto Lite Potting Soil: 40 qt. bag $8.99
Garden Magic Black Top Soil: 40lb bag $3.99
Garden Magic Compost and Manure: 40lb. $3.99
Cypress Shredded Mulch: 3 cubic ft. $6.99
Pine Bark Nuggets mini or regular: 3 cu. ft. $6.99
Black Mulch: 3 cu. ft. $7.99
Straw Bale: $5.99
Pine Needles Bale: $8.99


Please call the nursery directly for delivery and planting charges.